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Contoh text EXPLANATION menarik

teman-teman sekarang kita belajar text explanation,, mau tau ga? yo,, let's go..                                                                     Explanation Text
Communicative purpose:
- to explain the processes involved in the formation or workings of natural or socio-cultural phenomena.
(untuk menjelaskan proses yang terlibat dalam pembentukan atau kerjadari  fenomena alam atau sosial budaya/.
Generic Structure:
(struktur umum)
a. General Statement : general statement about the topic to position the reader 
(Pernyataan umum: pernyataan umum tentang topik untuk  pembaca)

b. Sequenced explanation : explains why and how something happens
(penjelasan : menjelaskan mengapa dan bagaimana sesuatu terjadi) 
Linguistic features :
(Gaya Bahasa penulisan)
- Focus on "generic participants"
- Use of "temporal and causal conjuntions"
- using "passive voice"
- use of mainly" material  material or action clauses"
- use of "Simple Present Tense"

                                                   Making Paper from Woodchips
      Wood chipping is a process used to obtain pulp and paper products from forest trees. the wood chipping process begins when the trees are cut down in a selected area of the forest called a coupe. Next the tops and branches of the trees are cut out and then the logs are taken to the mill.
       At the mill the bark of the logs is removed and the logs are taken to a chipper which cuts them into small pieces called wood chips. The woodchips are then screened to remove dirt and other impurities. At this stage, they are either exported in this form or changed into pulp by chemicals and heat. The pulp is then bleached and the water content is removed.
Finally, the pulp is rolled out to make paper.

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