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contoh Text REPORT menarik

   hay... sekarang kita diskusi belajar text report.. ayo kita mulai..                                                                         REPORT 
Communicative purpose:
to describe the way things are, with reference to arrange or natural, manmade, and social phenomena in our environment. 
untuk menggambarkan cara hal-hal yang, dengan referensi untuk mengatur atau fenomena alam, buatan manusia, dan sosial di lingkungan kita.

Generic Structure:
- general classification: introduces the topic being discussed. 
- Description: provides details information about the topic (parts, qualities, habits, or behavior (if living) and uses (if non-natural))
Struktur umum:
 - Klasifikasi umum: memperkenalkan topik yang sedang dibahas.
- Keterangan: menyediakan informasi detail tentang topik (bagian, kualitas, kebiasaan, atau perilaku (jika hidup) dan menggunakan/kegunaan (jika non-alami))

Linguistic Features:
- focus on generic participans
- use of simple present tense
- no temporal sequence
- use of "being" and "having" clauses
tata bahasa :
- Fokus pada bagian umum
- Menggunakan present tense
- Tidak ada urutan temporal
- Penggunaan "menjadi" dan "memiliki"

                                                                 The Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial - an animal that feeds and carries its young in a pouch. it lives only in Tasmania and was called a devil by the early European settlers because of its fierce appearance and loud screeching.
The devil is the same size as a small dog. it has a large head, a stocky body and a short, thick tail. while the fur is mostly black, there are often white markings on the back and chest. because the devil is a noctumal animal (it is active at night), it spends the days in the dense bush and hunt for food after dark. while it can catch prey the size of a small wallaby the devil often feeds on the bodies of dead sheep and cows from farms. it very powerful jaws and teeth enable it to eat bones and fur as well as the meat. farmers are pleased that devil stop the spread of disease by removing the rotting bodies of dead animals. groups of devils eat together from the same carcass - body of the dead animal - and they are such noisy eaters that they can be heard for several kilometers.
Devils breed in march and the young are born in April. while more are born, only two or three babies survive to live in their mother's pouch for four months. they move with their mother into a whole or a hollow long until they are ready to live on their own in the bush at the and of december. Devils live until they are seven or eight years old. Recently adult devils have been affected by cancer. this begins with lumps around the mouth and spreads to the face and neck. Scientists are studying the cancers so they can find out the cause and save the devil population in Tasmania.

(wow.... i have known the report text now,,that is no hard, right?)

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